AP Spanish celebrates end of year


As a final project each year, the AP Spanish students create their own videos which are a fun way to incorporate everything they learned throughout six years of learning the Spanish language. Once the videos are done, there is a movie night in the auditorium where all are welcome to view the incredible films.

This year, movie night was on Tuesday, May 27 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Many students and parents came out to support the students who made the films.

Señor Ross started off the night by thanking all of his students for all of their efforts throughout the school year. Some of the other Spanish teachers who helped the students embrace the language throughout the years were present and received praise for all of their hard work.

After about two hours of watching of Spanish films, with subtitles, of course, the entire audience had gone from hysterical laughing to intense contemplation. Including parodies of Ghostbusters and Mean Girls, made-up comedies and a documentary, the films held the audience’s attention the whole time.

Not only were the films incredible to watch, they were also exciting to make. The seniors were sad to have the class come to an end, but were grateful for all that they learned and for all those who helped them along the way.

There is no doubt that Leesville’s Spanish program is above and beyond the norm with six year’s worth of material available. The final videos each year are excellent demonstrations of this and are anticipated every year.


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