Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
A group of the volleyball team girls pose with Tommy Adams, the Gatorade representative. Although the fall sports teams could only participate in the benefits of “G-Week”, each sports team will have access to the Gatorade vending machine throughout all sports seasons.

After school on August 27, all fall sports teams gathered in the main gym to hear news from Gatorade. Tommy Adams, a former NBA player and Gatorade representative, came to Leesville to speak about some of their products and the student-athletes’ access to them throughout the first week of school.

During what Gatorade calls “G-Week”, athletes will have access to Gatorade products during every sports game and practice. These products include: the pre game Energy Chews, the during-game Performance Drink and a postgame Protein Recovery Shake.

In addition to providing these products at each game, Gatorade is putting a vending machine (that has the items listed above) in the athletic hallway for the use of all athletes throughout the year.

Gatorade and Adams chose Leesville for being an outstanding athletic department.

“[Leesville has] strong programs like the football and volleyball teams that are stronger in the area and have a big presence,” said Adams.

G-Week is a free opportunity sponsored by Gatorade.

“We want to educate [athletes] on our products and we do this through G-Week,” said Adams.

Cody Close, senior and mens varsity soccer player, is excited for having access to Gatorade products through G-Week and the Gatorade vending machine.

Said Close: “I’m looking forward to see if [the Gatorade products] will enhance my performance.”

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