Leesville lacrosse running smoothly

Conrad_LaxLast year, the Leesville Road men’s lacrosse team was a first-year team coming out of club status and into a somewhat difficult conference. Now in their second year, the lacrosse team is challenging their conference rivals with a current record of 8-2.

The junior varsity, which consists mainly of freshmen, is also exceeding expectations in their first year with an undefeated record. Some key wins the junior varsity had were against Broughton and Wakefield, teams that stand at the top of the conference.

“It shows us that we have a lot of potential going into the next few years and the fact is that we have much room to improve,” said Kyle Stephens, head coach of junior varsity.

Laxpower.com currently rates the Pride at 24th out of 82 teams in the state. To qualify for the state playoffs, Leesville has to finish in the top 3 in their conference, and so far they are looking set at a solid second spot behind undefeated Broughton.

Currently, the team is averaging 4.33 goals against per game compared to the 9.22 goals per game they are scoring going into Spring Break. The team will return to their final six games of the season starting April 8 versus Garner High School at home.

“We are excited to make history this season,” said Stephens.


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