Tue. Aug 16th, 2022
Jostens representatives will be back on May 7th to give seniors their items they ordered and did not pick up.

On Tuesday, March 26, seniors who ordered graduation invitations and other “senior stuff,” as Josten’s called it, picked them up at a booth during school.

As unimportant to underclassmen it may seem, some seniors felt receiving their graduation items was a big deal and were very emotional.

“When my parents ordered it a while ago, of course I was excited but graduation seemed really far away. Having my invitations makes it seem so close and I am happy to graduate but sad that high school will be over,” said KT Underwood, senior.

Perhaps underclassmen don’t understand how bittersweet it is to graduate because it feels so far away to them. Of course that makes sense for freshmen, but juniors are very close to being seniors themselves.

“Sending invitations to my relatives for my own graduation feels so weird to me… I remember getting invitations from family members when I was younger, but now that I am graduating I understand how big of a deal it really is,” said Shelby Layman, senior.

Apart from invitations, caps and gowns, seniors have many things to worry about in order to graduate. This is just the beginning of the end, and a bittersweet end it will be.

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