Bread Kittens is Pokemon purrr-fected

This image is the screen display on the map of Catlandia in the Amberfield region. There are 10 regions total.
This image is the screen display on the map of Catlandia in the Amberfield region. There are 10 regions total.

Recently, a new iPhone app is gaining traction with iFanatics, gamers and cat-lovers at Leesville. The growing game, Bread Kittens, provides an interactive gameplay and a story that resembles Nintendo’s 1990s masterpiece, Pokemon.

“I played a lot of Pokemon as a kid,” said Ben Tyner, senior. “When I found out about this game, I played it forever because it was like a whole new region of Pokemon.”

In the game, ChowCorp is an evil organization that is brainwashing the kittens of Catlandia. The user plays as a baker who must catch and defeat all of the cats in Catlandia. In all, there are 87 types of cats over a ring-like map containing ten regions.

“I’ll admit, I think the story is kind of stupid, but it’s more simple than Pokemon, and if you think about it, Pokemon was a weird concept to begin with but extremely addictive,” said Tyner.

The user starts out with a ginger cat in Peris, the first region of Catlandia. From there, the user goes around fighting cats with the kittens they’ve caught so far. At the end of each region, there resides a boss.

“The game is pretty hard,” said Ian Johnston, junior. “Most of the wild kittens are overpowered compared to the ones you catch. The catching percentages are horrible, like three percent for extremely rare ones.”

Bread Kittens has many similarities to Pokemon. For example, the baker must catch the kittens with the slices of bread that they bake. These pieces of bread are to Pokeballs as the kittens are to the Pokemon. The user also has access to potion-like items and enhancements that are common in Pokemon.

Surprisingly, Nintendo, the maker of Pokemon, has not sued Bake450, the developers of Bread Kittens. Many students have seen this as an opportunity to get caught under the addictive gameplay found in both.

“I’m currently trying to beat the game, I’m probably more than halfway there and from what I’ve seen so far, it is one of the best free games out there right now,” said Johnston.


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