Leesville to get crocheting club?

A picture of a typical crocheting pattern.
A picture of a typical crocheting pattern.

Imagine a world where knitters and crocheters can work together to create amazing needlework projects.

An article was recently written about Leesville’s new club: the knitting club.

Upon hearing of the knitting club, I, an avid crocheter, felt left out. Crocheting, though similar to knitting, has several key differences.

Knitting is thought to have originated in the Middle East as early as the eleventh century. From here, the fad spread to Europe and eventually to the Americas.

Crocheting originated in Iran, South America, or China around the nineteenth century; the exact location is unknown.

Once crocheting became popular in Europe, impoverished Irish workers and other poor people crocheted in order to sell their products. With the money they made, they were able to purchase food for their families during a famine.

Both crocheting and knitting originated for practical reasons, but have evolved into an art that anyone can learn.

According to michaels.com, textured and raised stitches are especially easy to make in crochet. Knitting, however, is easier in the sense that detail is more achievable through the stitches used for knitting.

Rather than using two needles like knitting, crocheting uses a single, hooked needle. Crocheting needles are typically made out of metal with a decorative, outer color. Knitting needles are usually metal or wood.

There are various sizes of needles that one must take into account when working with different yarn sizes whether knitting or crocheting.The larger needles are usually used for making blankets or bigger projects. For crocheting, the larger needles are plastic.

If Leesville has a knitting club, isn’t it only fair to have a crocheting club?

I think crocheting is much easier for beginners to learn, as only one needle is in use at any given time.

Needlework is also good for socializing with fellow peers.

Unlike other hobbies such as golf or playing chess, people are able to have real conversations during the process.

I feel as though the crocheting community has been forgotten and must be recognized as the knitting club is at Leesville.

If that means joining forces, so be it.


  1. Hailey,
    Feel free to come and join us! I’m not sure when the next meeting is, but we’d love to have you and other yarn art creators. I’m neither a knitter nor a crocheter, but I love to sew, and I do appreciate the value of handmade goods.
    Mrs. A.


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