HomesportsIt’s bracket time in Leesville!

It’s bracket time in Leesville!

While no one seems to have good brackets, everyone fills them out during March Madness. Brackets are a fun way to compete with other people, and keep up with the NCAA Tournament.

The time of the year has rolled around again, primetime for those in the Triangle. It is March Madness; the NCAA tournament is in full swing.

The tournament bracket has been released and Leesville students are once again determined to fill out the perfect bracket. “Bracketology”, as it is called, has become as much a part of March Madness as the games.

Of course, filling out a perfect bracket is close to impossible. There are 67 total games, and if each game has a 50% chance to guess correctly, the odds clearly aren’t very good.

According to Jeff Bergen, professor at DePaul University, bracketologists have less than a one in 9.2 quintillion chance to fill out the perfect bracket. Even still, it is entertaining to fill a bracket out and compare with friends.

Interest in the tournament is especially high here in North Carolina. Five North Carolina teams are in the tournament: Davidson, NC State, UNC, Duke and NC A&T.

With the relative lack of winning from North Carolina’s various professional teams, this is perhaps the biggest time in sports for the area.

“It’s a fun way to compete with your friends,” said Sam Chokshi, junior. “And here [in North Carolina] everyone is a fan and is paying attention.”



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