Symphonic Band earns their donations


On Monday, October 15, Leesville’s symphonic band organized an “out-to-eat night” at Noodles & Company in Brier Creek. The band performed outside of Noodles and Company from 5:30-6:00.

For every Braised Pork entree that was purchased, Noodles donated $1 to the Leesville symphonic band. They are raising money for their London trip next year.

Not only did the band receive $1 for every braised pork entree, but Noodles and Company gave them $200 for just performing.

“Everybody watching and taping got really into it; they were dancing and cheering. We made over $400 so it was definitely worth it,” said Angela Kroninger.

The band hopes that in the following years they will be able to raise more.

“I won’t be here next year, but I hope that the band does it again because it gives us a chance to perform for people that might not come to the football games and see us at halftime. Hopefully next year more people will know about it and we will be able to raise even more money,” said Sam Massimilla, senior.


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