Taken 2 takes over theaters

Liam Neeson once again shows his talents as an actor. Taken 2 took in more than $50 million just over the weekend it was released.
Liam Neeson once again shows his talents as an actor. Taken 2 took in more than $50 million just over the weekend it was released.

Taken 2 was the highly anticipated sequel to Taken, a movie released in 2008 about a man who rescues his daughter after she is kidnapped in Paris.

A sequel to a movie that had shown no clear indication of creating one might seem rather irrelevant or a bad idea. But Taken 2 producer Luc Besson thought differently. In this case, he was right to think differently due to the amazing 50 million dollars earned just over the weekend.

I was a little skeptical myself about the idea of a sequel to Taken. Expanding on a movie that had appeared to have the plot well resolved is not an easy job.

There was great action involved,and the plot was fantastic and unexpected. Portraying Liam Neeson to be as smart and talented as possible was a success. He used his intelligence to get himself out of conflicts that one would think impossible to overcome.The movie had me constantly out of my seat wanting to see what was coming next.

I say job well done in terms of the movie relaying the feelings of the character onto the viewer. In many situations, I felt like I was in the setting. My favorite part of the movie was when Liam Neeson was trapped in a small building and called his daughter to help him escape. He talked to his daughter with a hidden cell phone and used his wits to talk her through the seemingly impossible procedures in order to save him.

The acting in the movie was well done. The actors captured the moment through their emotions with great success. Everything in the movie was very good, including the special effects. The special effects involved were top notch. I really felt like it was necessary to hide my face during explosions and car crashes due to the realistic feel of the effects.

But, the movie took away some of its realism away when Liam Neeson was predictably held captive in an easily escapable situation. Although the way that he escapes is my favorite part, I was disappointed with the idea.

Due to the plot being completely finished, I think it would be a risky stretch to make a series of three. But I would certainly see it if one came out.

From my view of the movie and my personal experience as a filmmaker, I thought Taken 2 was a well thoughtful and well made movie. The plot from Taken was well continued to Taken 2, leaving you with a full understanding of the plot at the end of the movie. I would definitely recommend watching this movie.


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