Class of ‘13 prepares for its last home football game


As Leesville’s football team heads into the playoffs, the seniors are preparing for their last home football game in high school. The traditions they have made will be passed on to the future senior classes.

Things such as, “Everybody say, ROLL PRIDE!”, and sharing baby powder with every person in the Loonies section, including the freshmen at the top, will continue to happen for years to come.

From the first game of the season to the last conference game vs. Wake Forest, the senior Loonies have always showed their pride. They arrived at the game over an hour early sometimes just to stand at the front of the bleachers. They screamed the loudest, and they started the most cheers.

The seniors are known for participating the most with the cheerleaders. The Loonies pay attention to the signs and learn some of the cheers.

“Having the Loonies participate in the cheers is what makes the game fun. The football team can hear what we are screaming when we all yell together,” said Mallory Borris, a senior cheerleader.

“I’m really going to miss calling cheers for everyone to do. I always have so much fun at the games and I wish we had a few more that were at home. Football games this year are my best memories of high school,” said Ian Plocgarcyzk, senior.

Some of the seniors at the front may not have gone to games when they were freshmen or sophomores, but others have gone to every football game they could.

“I have been a varsity cheerleader since freshmen year. It’s bittersweet because I’m glad that I’m a senior, but I’m sad that this is the last home game I will cheer for. I will miss watching football games, but I will miss cheering for them more,” said Maddie Kendricks, senior.

All of the seniors seemed to have a melancholy undertone when they talked about their last home game. After all, it is the first “last” for the seniors.

“I remember barely having any room at the top of the bleachers my freshman year with all of my friends. It’s crazy to think that I’m with those same friends standing at the front of the bleachers while I represent my class. I can always come to a Leesville football game after I graduate, but it won’t be the same,” said Lindsey Nicholson, senior.


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