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Wake County superintendent fired

Wake County superintendent Tony Tata has been fired. This comes after months of friction with the school board.

Tony Tata has been fired after almost 20 months as the superintendent of Wake County. The controversial superintendent has had six to eight months of strained relations with the school board.

This news comes not long after a dysfunction in busing of over 70,000 students. Tata took full responsibility for the situation and vowed improve the situation. The chaos was the proverbial straw on the camel’s back for Tata, who has been on the hot seat for quite some time now.

The Wake County school board was Republican dominated when Tata was elected, but in 2011 power shifted to the Democrats. Since then, there has been friction in the board between Tata and the board.

The board ultimately voted five to four in favor of firing the superintendent.  Five Democrats voted for his termination, four Republicans voted against.

Previously, Tata was the chief operating officer of the D.C. Public Schools, then he was hired in December of 2010. Assistant superintendent Stephen Gainey has been named acting superintendent for up to 60 days.

Wake County sends Tata on his way with $253,625 out of its local savings. With many budget cuts and the job security of teachers in question, it doesn’t exactly seem be productive way to spend a quarter million dollars.



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