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Nicola McIrvine, drum major of the Leesville Marching Pride, conducts the band during the game against C.E. Jordan. McIrvine, a junior, is a member of both the Symphonic Band and the cross country team.

Within the world of marching band, the drum major holds the success of the band in her hands. The enormous responsibility of both leading and conducting the band lies with her. Showing up early and staying late come with the job. Nicola McIrvine, junior, braves this storm daily as drum major of the Leesville Marching Pride.

“I burst into tears for one thing,” said McIrvine of her announcement of drum major of the Leesville Marching Pride.

In charge of shaping the band’s music and marching during the football season, the drum major does not have an easy job. “It’s really stressful knowing I’ve got to make a lot of decisions on my own and whatever happens after is ultimately my responsibility” said McIrvine.

“Being a good leader while having good relationships with people around you can be a challenge,” said McIrvine. As drum major, McIrvine walks the fine line between maintaining group moral and keeping rehearsals constructive.“You want to find a balance between being positive and getting everyone to want to be encouraged,” said McIrvine.

“She really works hard and really wants the band to do well,” said Teddy Elshoff, Captain of the Symphonic Band. “She helps people who are having trouble and she works really hard to have a good understanding of the music so she can help people who need it,” said Elshoff.

McIrvine bears the difficult task of instructing new members in the fundamentals of marching band. “She’s been great at teaching myself and other new members marching fundamentals,” said Tyler Boswell, sophomore and new member of the band. “She’s very courteous and cares a lot about what she’s doing.”

Many could not handle this responsibility, but McIrvine tackles the strenuous task with grace– despite her multiple AP classes and place on the cross country. Yet, McIrvine manages to find enjoyment among the difficulties of her job.

“It feels good to be leading such an exciting part Leesville and such a great band,” said McIrvine.



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