Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
(L-R) Suji Kim, Erika Belscher, Alyssa Belscher and Katrina Besana, freshmen, enjoy their lunch in the cafeteria. The New Student Lunches, which take place the first three days of school, make it so that no freshmen or other new students have to sit alone during their first few lunches.

On Aug. 27, 28 and 29, the Leesville Liaisons hosted New Student Lunches during all three lunch periods.

“The size of the newcomer luncheon offers a smaller, more welcoming atmosphere for the new students as opposed to the cafeteria,” said Ms. Karol, counselor and liaison advisor.

The lunches provided help, and also helped the freshmen meet the liaisons and other new students.  Students were glad to receive the help, as getting lost and/or not knowing where you’re going are big problems, said Danielle Rees, freshman.

“It felt good to help and meet new people,” said Alec Kunkel, junior and liaison.

There are many activities held throughout the year by the Liaisons.

“The officers are meeting on September 7 to discuss ideas for upcoming events,” said Karol.

For example, on Sept. 14, the Liaisons are taking new students both to Grill Team and the football game afterwards.  Matt Oertel, freshman, said he is looking forward to going to football games with other freshmen, as Leesville has a talented football team.

With all of these events taking place during the year, with the help of the Leesville Liaisons, new students will always have the chance to become more acclimated to Leesville and become proud members of the Pride.

One thought on “Lunches for new students help them adjust”
  1. I love this picture and i love how you guuys are helping freshman get to know the school better and not be scared of all the older kids.

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