Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
The LRHS bus parking lot packed with students. Currently there are 23 bus routes carrying LRHS students every afternoon from northwest to southeastern parts of the city.

On Monday, the first day of school, Aug. 27, buses began their service. Students flooded the bus parking lot making the situation slightly hectic after the  bell.

Alexander Magee, junior, described the situation as “very hot and crowded.”

As expected on the first day, students took extra time getting to their buses. “It was probably the freshmen looking for their bus routes,” said Magee.

The demand for bus transportation has increased this school year with the large class of 750 freshmen joining the masses of other students.

Some buses had issues getting to and from school before and after school. Wesley Ordquist, junior, said, “I came out to the bus stop around 6 a.m, and I waited until 7.”

Gary Duvall, school administrator, said, “There were only a few buses that were off schedule,”  easing some concerns about the buses.

Usually, the school year starts for many students with issues finding their buses. Although there was confusion, “only a few students have missed their buses,” said Duvall.

To solve issues with bus routes, LRHS added  one bus route beginning Tuesday, Sept 4. Adjustments for seven buses were also made.

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