Small freshmen, big freshmen class

Welcome one, welcome all--750 of the freshman this year! The freshman class is almost twice the population of the senior class!
Welcome one, welcome all–750 of the freshman this year. The freshman class is almost twice the population of the senior class.

During the upcoming school year, there are expected to be about 2,400 students in Leesville Road High School. A third of those students are freshman.

Leesville has seen a tremendous increase in population over the years.The school has grown by 327 students in the past 9 years. With those statistics, the school was expecting an increase in total students. The massive increase of freshmen, though, is quite shocking.

Last year, only 628 freshmen walked the Leesville hallways. Even then, their numbers far exceeded that of the classes above them. With this year’s estimated 750 freshmen, there are about 120 more ninth graders than last year.

As any upperclassman can tell you, there are some negatives to having so many freshman. But Ms. Felton, a World History teacher who has taught freshmen for years, sees some benefits. “I don’t have a problem with it,” she said. “It has allowed us to hire more teachers.”

With this rise of freshmen, one would think all the ninth grade classes would be packed, but Felton says she doesn’t see a difference. “I haven’t noticed anything,” she said. “All my classes are pretty much the same size.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the school’s largest freshman class. In 2009, there were 776 freshmen, as opposed to only 516 seniors, 601 sophomores and 608 juniors.

Yes, this year’s freshmen class is unusually large. However, seniors can’t complain too much. They were the schools largest freshmen class, after all.


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