Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
According to an article done by It’s a Snap, only 58% of female and 48% of male middle and high school students washed their hands after using the bathroom. Of these, only 33% of the females and 8% of the males used soap. It’s good to see people washing their hands, but can’t they throw their trash away properly?

Bathrooms. We all have to use them, and when we do, it should not become a hassle. Walking into our school bathrooms, I constantly find myself grossed out.  Obviously I do not use the boys restroom, but I can only assume they are just as bad, or worse, than the girls bathrooms I use every day.

Now, girls are partially to blame for this issue. You can pose the argument that custodians should be cleaning up more, but honestly, if girls had a little bit more hygiene and cleaned up after themselves, there wouldn’t be much to clean to begin with.

“Girls seriously need to clean up more in the bathroom, other people have to use them, too,” said Mikaela Kuhnel, sophomore.

For you boys, who may not understand exactly what it’s like, let me paint you a picture: You rush into the bathroom, with the 6 short minutes we have between classes, and suddenly you realize, there’s only one stall with a lock, and it’s in use. What are you supposed to do next, use the restroom with the door open? Of course not. Even if you are lucky enough to make it into a stall with a lock, you may notice that the trashcan attached to the wall of stall is broken, making it very easy for people in the next stall over to see you. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have a little bit more privacy than that.

To make matters even worse, when I’m already in a rush to get to class, having to turn the sink back on because it shuts off after five seconds is frustrating. And after you wash your hands, ladies, which I’m hoping you do, is it really so hard to throw your paper towels away in the trash can, rather than 2 inches away from it, on the floor?

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some obnoxious swear words, or hearts drawn all over the wall. It’s dumb; why bother?” said Kuhnel.

Writing about how much you love your boyfriend, or hate some girl on the bathroom stall, is immature, and pointless. Your boyfriend is not going to see that, and that girl you hate probably couldn’t care less if you like her. Besides, who really has time to write on the walls during school? I know I don’t.

Almost every reason students are displeased with the school bathrooms, are problems that relate directly to the people using them. Hopefully the next time you walk into a bathroom, you’ll clean up after yourself. And think twice about blaming the custodians for the mess, when our fellow females are the main culprits.


3 thoughts on “Who’s really to blame for messy bathrooms?”
  1. Ugh, I know what you mean. I’m one of those few girls that washes their hands with soap -_- The few things I hate the most are when:
    1) There’s no more soap
    2) Girls leave the toilet filled with blood or toilet paper (ew)
    3) Girls throw their used pads/tampons in the trash where if you open the trash, you’d see it
    4) The whole “no lock on the doors” is an issue in the girls bathrooms. Out of the 6 stalls, only 2 normal bathroom have a lock and the handicapped one, thankfully, has a lock, too (I’d feel really bad for those handicapped girls who have to go in a bathroom with no lock) Fortunately, I have friends who will guard the bathroom doors with no lock while I’m in there but still, there’s no feeling of security and you feel the need to rush so you don’t keep them standing there. All in all, I hate public bathrooms and can only imagine what it’s like in the boy’s bathroom

  2. Whenever I get my Mycenaean email and hit the link to an article I am filled with anticipation to see the photo included. With this one I was very nervous! Thanks for choosing a picture that represents the problem without sending ME to the bathroom in response! Good points made, btw.

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