Leesville library: a hidden gem

The Leesville Library is a great environment for learning. However, the library lacks a large variety of students.
The Leesville Library is a great environment for learning. However, the library lacks a large variety of students.

“What a school thinks about libraries is a measure of what it thinks about education.”

That poster hangs on the door of one of the best high school libraries in Wake County, the Leesville Road High School library. The library contains 2,186 young adult fiction books, graphic novels, and hundreds more dealing with non-fiction.

Genie Haley, Leesville librarian, said, “It is important for libraries to have lots of options. Teachers are more familiar with their own content and information. That’s why they need libraries: For the things outside of a teacher’s realm of knowledge and for pleasure reading.”

One aspect that puts Leesville’s library above others is how books are chosen. “We purchase non-fiction books by conferences with the teachers and their needs. When we order fiction, we do so based on student request and professional journals,” said Haley.

Haley reports that about 100 students check out books each day.

Thomas Theunissen, junior, said, “Our library is a great place to go. You can get your work done and there are a variety of books to check out. I can usually find almost anything I am looking for.”

For those who might not find what they are looking for outside of the school, there was a new library in the vicinity of Leesville Road High School. It is smaller in size, but it does complement the school library well. The school’s library contains more resources such as computers, non- fiction, and encyclopedias–things that a high schooler needs. The county library, however, contains more children books for families and young adult and adult fiction books that would not be allowed in a school library.

Laura Thabet, senior, said, “School libraries are limited because they focus on appealing to teenagers. However, the school has almost one of every topic of non-fiction books.”

Libraries are an important source of knowledge for students. According to the Library Research Service, “School media librarians and libraries help kids perform better on standardized tests.” Libraries offer all kinds of services: computers and laptops for students use, fiction and non fiction books to enrich their studies.

Leesville’s library is a hidden treasure. If libraries truly are a measure for a schools education, that proves that Leesville thinks very highly about their students and their dedication to education.



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