Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
Everyone's favorite heartthrob takes the snap from under center. Tebow's throwing stance is a major topic of discussion amongst critics.Photo courtesy of

It’s called Tebowmania.

Tim Tebow. College superstar. Heisman Trophy winner. National champion. First-round draft choice. Starting NFL quarterback. On Sunday, January 8, Tebow earned himself another title: playoff-winning quarterback.

Over the weekend, Tebow led his Denver Broncos, 8-8 in the regular season, to a shocking 29-23 overtime upset of the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers in Denver. In Sunday’s victory, Tebow had his best career game by far, finishing the day with over 300 yards passing, 50 yards rushing and accounting for three Denver touchdowns en route to his first playoff win.

Hollywood could not have written a more magical script for the second-year starter out of the University of Florida. Faced with criticism his entire playing career in regards to his throwing motion and accuracy, Tebow has not always responded with excellent performances, but has almost always pulled out a W, culminating in Sunday’s playoff victory.

Now, the same Tebow craze that has taken over the national media has consumed Leesville too.

Adam Moss, junior, gave nothing but praise for the quarterback in a telephone interview. “The dudes just a beast,” said Moss. “He may not always have the best statistics, but when you need a win, he pulls through for you.”

Nicole Park, junior and self-described Tebowmaniac, brought attention to more than Tebow’s on-the-field performance. Said Park, “He’s a genuine guy. He’s a natural leader and role model to everyone around him.”

Park also mentioned Tebow’s spirituality when she said, “Even with all of the success that he has had, he manages to stay humble, always attributing his success to God. It’s special.”

It’s true; in every post game speech the quarterback has given following a Denver win, he has mentioned and thanked Jesus Christ for helping his team to win. However, humility and success do not guarantee fans, as some of Leesville’s own critics still feel Tebow is over-hyped.

Daniel Collins, junior, sees the Broncos success this season as happening in spite of Tebow, not because of him. “He doesn’t have enough throwing talent to match the attention he is getting. He plays quarterback, but he hardly ever throws the football when and where he should. The Broncos win because they run the ball well and play good defense; Tebow doesn’t do much to help,” said Collins.

Whether or not Tebow has the support of all of America is a non-issue. All that matters now is continuing to win and moving on in the playoffs, at least as long as Tebow hopes to add another title to his list: Super Bowl champion.

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