Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
Leesville’s Dance Department has been a source of talent since the school’s opening in 1993. Photo Courtesy of Facebook.com.

The Leesville Dance classes performed a showcase on November 21 at 7 p.m. in the Black Box.  This was a free event; people who attended donated to the Leesville Food Drive being run by the Executive Council.

A showcase is a performance where all of the dancers either dance solo or as a duo to show off the skills they have learned in class.

Preparation for such an event was grueling.  Melissa Beers, senior, made a solo for the showcase, and had been practicing and revising it for weeks to make it just right.  Instead of a solo, Maria Cain, senior, performed a duet with her friend Aly. Cain says that the showcase is almost an audition for the Winter Concert on December 15 and 16 at 7 p.m.  The Winter Concert is also better attended because there are more dancers involved (all of the dance students are in the Concert).

The actual event did not have much of theme, but some of the dancers came up with their own, as they all have different styles and therefore need different music and themes.  For example, Tess Joyner, junior, had a magic themed dance.  Cain, on the other hand, had a dance that involved the idea of always being there for someone else.

This year’s showcase went extremely well.  Cynthia Hoban, dance educator, said that the presentations at this showcase were quite possibly the best showcase pieces she has seen so far.  Even with these great pieces, the audience was only “respectable and small,” said Hoban.  The donations were decent, with the dance classes delivering a small amount of canned goods and money to Ms. Mayfield to help with the food drive.

For all who could attend, the showcase was a chance to see just how well the dance classes here at LRHS are doing and to support the food drive.  Ms. Hoban, the dancers, and the LRHS dance boosters thank you for your support.

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