• September 17, 2019

High school OT is currently holding a competition for the best high school student section. Voting for the winner is going on now and will continue until October 8.

High school OT has held this competition for two years, but this is the first time that the winner is being decided by votes, rather than the staff’s selection.

In order to vote, one must text the word “showdown” to the number 46988. After texting “showdown,” you receive the textual “ballot.” You must respond to the ballot with your choice for top student section. (E is the letter for the Leesville Loonies)

The voting will be open until midnight on October 8, and the winner of the competition will be announced at the next home game of the winning school.

Other student sections in the competition include the Chapel Hill Tiger Roar, Fuquay-Varina Orange Crush, Garner Blue Crew, Middle Creek Crazies, and the Panther Creek Catamount Chaos.
Voting is free, and there is no limited amount of times you can vote.

This means all loonies must band together and blast them high school OT with text messages. With the new policy allowing electronics during passing time, there is no excuse not to vote.

Now is the time to show what pride looks like off the field, and win the state’s best student section. GO PRIDE!


Katy has been on staff since her sophomore year, starting as a staff writer. With hard work and diligence, she earned a junior editor position and ultimately became Editor-in-Chief her senior year. She will pursue a degree in journalism in college.

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