Varsity volleyball hits the Cap-8


This year, Leesville Varsity volleyball is a big contender in the Cap-8.
“There’s been a couple bumps,” said Sasha Karelov, junior, when asked about the team so far. “Overall, it has been fun. I wish more people would come support us [at games].”
Leesville’s volleyball record, 11-3, is better than it has been in years. “This year, there are more people that actually want to succeed and go to championships,” said Kati Stammen, junior.
The Pride has beaten many of the teams that defeated them last year: Panther Creek, Enloe, Wake-Forest Rolesville, Sanderson, Millbrook and Broughton. These wins put them in second place in the Cap-8 and 6th in the 4A of North Carolina.
“The other teams lost a lot of seniors, and since we’re so young, we have an advantage,” said Karelov.
“We have a lot of strong players this year. The only thing we don’t have is a positive attitude all the time. And when we get that down, then, well, we’ll be spectacular,” said Taine Merganthaler, volleyball coach.
Varsity volleyball games start at 5:30, and are only five dollars. October 4 and 10 are the last two home games, come out and support your pride.


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