Scholarship given in Mr. Murphy’s honor

Photo courtesy of WCPSS

Photo courtesy of WCPSS

In March, 2011, Richard J. Murphy, former Leesville Principal passed away. Mr. Murphy worked in the Wake County Public School system for 36 years and became the first principal at Leesville Road High in 1993.

Mr. Murphy’s time as principal set standards and precedents that make Leesville such an exemplary school today. His excellent example set Leesville on the path to success, and the stellar reputation that he earned for our school still exists today.

In his honor, a group of parents, teachers, students and staff members decided it was  necessary to form a committee to properly memorialize Murphy’s leadership. This committee decided that the best way to do so would be to establish a scholarship in his honor.
According to the scholarship’s website,, this scholarship will be awarded to a “Leesville Road High School senior who embodies the high expectations and commitment to visionary leadership, service, and lifelong learning that Richard Murphy epitomized and inspired others to achieve.”

The Richard J. Murphy Scholarship fund and the North Carolina Community Foundation are currently working together to collect money to fund this scholarship and any donation is appreciated. To make a tax-deductable donation, one should visit the North Carolina Community Foundation website.

“We are just now beginning a massive awareness and fundraising effort so that we might award the first Murphy Scholar at Leesville this May,” said Mrs. Scioli, teacher and contributor, via email interview. “If enough money can be raised ($150,000 -$250,000), scholarships can be offered and funded solely through the interest that accumulates on the principle.”


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