Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

A group of Leesville’s AP Environmental Science students is currently tied in a county wide contest for the best “anti-littering” video. The contest is sponsored by, “the concourse of Wake County’s anti-littering movement.”

The video was made by Samruddhi Kulkarni and featured appearances by students  Katie Hendershott, Michael Knepper, Sarah Long, Bob Nelson, Alicia Reid, Jeremy Weiss, Brendan Lough and Dr. Dubay. They created and submitted the inspiring video last semester, in Dr. Dubay’s AP Environmental science class.

The Leesville students’ video, titled “Save our Earth,” is tied for first place with another video titled “Real men don’t litter,” made by our rivals, the Enloe Eagles.

As a tiebreaker, the video that gains the most “likes” on the 86it Facebook page will be the first place winner. You can support fellow Leesville students by liking the video here. In order to like the video, you must first like the 86it page, and then scroll down to like the video that is posted on the wall.

The voting deadline is March 31.

By Katy Huis, Editor-in-Chief

Katy has been on staff since her sophomore year, starting as a staff writer. With hard work and diligence, she earned a junior editor position and ultimately became Editor-in-Chief her senior year. She will pursue a degree in journalism in college.

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