Leesville’s courtyards: one of the seven wonders of Wake County


Once upon a time, hidden by the walls of Leesville, there lay two solemn courtyards. Inhabited by rambunctious gnomes and overgrown with foliage, these mythical paradises, once the centerpieces of the school, are now abandoned. Without proper care, these courtyards have become afterthoughts at Leesville, left by themselves to rot away.

Many a year ago, weary students could rest themselves on one of the benches or under a shady tree. Wildlife of all shapes and colors called the courtyard home. But those days are a thing of the past. Nowadays, the only creature, human or not, that roams these wastelands is the fearsome school dragon and maybe a fairy or two.

All jokes aside, it is a shame that these spaces have become so barren. What could have been useful getaways for students and staff alike are now useless and essentially worthless.

Perhaps even more sad is the fact that no one– students, staff, nor the resident elves– have even bothered to keep these courtyards in a respectable state. Everyone was content to sit back and watch as these wonderlands became less and less wonderful.

Well, no longer. This negligence has gone on for too long, and it’s about time that action is taken.

Whether it be the Key Club, Environment Club, or whomever else, it does not matter. What does matter is finding a single group (other than the ever-present sprites) who is willing to dedicate an afternoon or two towards restoring the courtyards to their former glory.

Pulling up weeds out of walkway cracks and planting new grass in empty dirt patches might take a few hours at most, yet the spaces are still abandoned. If not for their despicable states, then the courtyards would most definitely be in use today.

Aside from the filth and disease-ridden critters, the courtyards are only waiting for the time when they will be used once more. Tidying up both spaces would take a truly special band of people, yet after all the muck is gone, each can be used again in the way they were designed.

No, renovating these areas will not be easy and no, it likely will not be the most fun job either. However, if out of a day’s worth of effort comes a year’s worth of use, then the Leesville courtyards are definitely worth every second of hard work put into them.


  1. I would love to help out in the courtyard. But the administrators don’t let anyone in there anymore. It’s not our fault!!


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