Mystery holiday stumps this reporter


In high school, few things are better than early releases and 4-day weeks. Some of these instances occur at the end of every quarter, giving teachers a day uninterrupted by students to calculate grades for report cards. Some days off are to honor holidays and are respected nation-wide.

Others are wild cards, and one of these falls on March 25. Though I have no problem with not coming to school on a Friday, one has to wonder: Why do we get to stay home?

After some Internet research, I found nothing helpful to answer my question.

March 25 recognizes National Lobster Newberg Day, National Waffle Day (in Sweden) and Maryland Day (does that one really need explaining?).

Historically, Robert the Bruce became King of Scotland on March 25, 1306. Claude Debussey died on March 25, and Elton John, Howard Cosell, and Flannery O’Connor were born.

Still curious, I began to seek answers to this riddle and approached the most worldly people I know. Mrs. Mash, long-time Latin teacher at Leesville, said “I don’t know why we have the day off; no one does.”

Not satisfied, I continued my quest for knowledge. I headed to the heart of the school – the front office – determined to find answers.

And in the form of Christine McGrath, front office receptionist, I found them. “Every school has ten vacation days to use during the year. [Leesville] had one left over, and the administration felt like there was a long time between breaks, and a Friday off was deserved.”

Shocked at this wealth of knowledge, I had to know, how did McGrath know this information? “I used to work on the calendar committee,” she said humbly.

However, I later learned that McGrath’s information was slightly flawed. The academic calendar is made two years in advance by the county – Leesville has no say in the schedule personally.

My curiosity sated, I returned to my responsibilities, with a real understanding of why March 25 is a freebie for students. So, happy Swedish Waffle Day, Loonies – I’ll see you on Monday.


  1. Good sleuthing Virginia. Eli is really disappointed that we didn’t celebrate Waffle Day but now I’ll be prepared for next year. =)


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