The Mycenaean’s biggest fan: a tribute


In a land where newspapers are brushed aside and readership is low, The Mycenaean staff grudgingly posts their articles online, rather than distributing the printed paper each month. This website is rarely visited by Leesville students and parents, and the staff’s articles scarcely receive comments. Newspaper support has grown so dismal that even the parents of the staff fail to read the online articles.

“I think my mom visited the website once… and the only article she read was Will’s Day in the Life… It stung,” said Brendan Marks, a neglected sophomore staff writer.

The newspaper staff posts a plethora of articles each week, averaging 19 a week. One would think that these 19 fountains of information would receive billions of comments each week, but no–the website receives an average of 3 comments a week.

This lack of readership would force most high school newspapers to give up completely, but The Mycenaean has one secret weapon. This secret weapon provides the staff with that much needed boost of confidence, giving them just enough courage to keep the newspaper alive. What is this secret weapon? Reed. Annie Reed.

Annie Reed has consistently read the paper since her daughter, Virginia Reed, joined the newspaper staff in 2009. “My mom always talks about newspaper and how creative our articles are. She knew some of the staff when they were in middle school, so I think she feels connected to them,” said Virginia Reed of her mother, Annie Reed.  “There’s some writers that she reads religiously, such as Will Bennett and Alex Stewart.”

Reed always shows her love to The Mycenaean staff through her daughter Virginia. In one e-mail sent to Virginia, Reed writes, “Tell newspaper I said hello. Maybe, at the end of the year, I should send in cupcakes or something to them. They are my faves… Now write your article; I want to read it!” Cupcakes may be the only thing that the staff loves more than comments.

She frequently fuels the students’ confidence with friendly comments on their articles. On Alex Stewart’s “Senioritis: Month Two” article she supplied the following comment: “I am absolutely loving this column – howling with laughter as the months go by… I only hope you can keep up this level of commitment as spring approaches!”

Will Bennett, senior and one of Reed’s favorite writers, was quick to show his appreciation for Mrs. Reed. “Virginia’s mom is my light, my inspiration and my reason for waking up every morning. Without Mrs. Reed, I couldn’t put forth the effort to get out of bed and write articles.”

This seemingly superfluous article has a point. And that point is to say thank you. Thank you Mrs. Reed– for reading our articles, fueling our egos and always believing in us despite our lack of popularity. You and a few other dedicated readers (Thanks Mrs. Amerson!) are the ones that keep us alive.


  1. Yes, we are out here in internet-land and reading your great newspaper! Maybe you could set up a system to tell you the number of “hits” each article gets like websites do! You might be pleasantly surprised! Along with the others, my favorite articles are about the school, as I am also an alumni parent now. I have found that my son always knew of the articles when I mentioned them, so I think the students read them more than you might think …. especially when it’s an activity of theirs. So keep up the good work!

  2. Ms. Schandert,

    Thanks for the kind reply and silent support. I am glad to know that alumni are still engaged in the school. Your family’s continued reading speaks volume about you and your children.

  3. Annie Reed is not the only one who consistently at least reads The Mycenaean articles. My last child graduated in 2009 and I still keep up my subscription! I find it a wonderful way to keep in touch with what is going on at LRHS ! Although I may not comment on the articles, I read them and then share some with my son, a 2004 graduate and my daughter, the 2009 graduate. The articles are engaging, in depth and very pertinent to what is really happening at LRHS. Just consider us the “silent majority”! :o)

  4. I cannot tell you how much this article meant to me! To think that my comments had such a positive effect! I am always so impressed by the level of writing ability as well as the unexpected insights that students your age don’t normally share.

    As much as I loved this article, and the comments posted about it, I hope that it raises awareness not about the Mycenaean’s largest fan, but about the high-quality writing and commitment the Mycenaean staff have to both the Leesville community and the world beyond. I hope it gets more people to read the paper, visit the website, and most important – to post comments and provide feedback.

    That being said, I admit that I hope to retain the title of the Mycenaean’s biggest fan!!

  5. My children have both graduated from LRHS and I still read the Mycenaean that is delivered to me via e-mail. I enjoy the articles and keeping up with the activitiies at the school. Don’t give up – we are reading!

  6. I read the Mycenaean all the time and really enjoy getting different perspectives on different topics. Keep up the great work and be proud! Another shining example of Leesville Pride!

  7. The Mycenaean probably has more readers, especially among parents, than you might expect. I, for one, am guilty of “lurking” without commenting. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy the articles and frequently pass links to friends and family. In addition, those articles detailing changes students would like (along with reasons and justifications for those changes) are read particularly carefully. In fact, an article last year listing ten requests for physical improvements to the school resulted (unbeknownst to its author) in several items being requested and tracked by the PTSA. The recent application of a a rough substance to the stairs leading to the student parking lot was the culmination of one of these requests, intended to address the slipperiness of the stairs when wet. Students, please keep these useful articles coming, as well as the off-the-wall, entertaining, enlightening, and emotive articles. Your readers enjoy them all!
    Andrea Scheviak
    PTSA President 2010-2011

  8. Dear Newspaper Staff,
    Do not think that your articles are not read be students at Leesville either. I get emails frequently of new posts and read every one. Keep up the good work!
    Ally Bass

  9. You guys are doing a great job! I really love the variety of your articles as well. As a former school newspaper advisor, I understand the importance of what you are doing. It’s too bad that more students don’t take the time to read the online articles. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll set up a fund so we can have printed Mycenaeans more often! 🙂

  10. Thanks for your article, Katy! The staff might not realize just how many parents DO read the Mycenaean; we just don’t leave comments. Some teens become extremely embarrassed when their parents speak up, so many of us just stay quiet.

    The Mycenaean staff does an excellent job and I have some favorite writers myself. I have been tempted many times to comment on articles and have resisted the urge. Next time, I won’t.

    Mr. B, your kids are doing a great job!


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