Prom 2010


Leesville held the 2010 ‘Night on the Orient’ Prom for juniors and seniors on Saturday, April 17 at the Sister’s Garden Catering Hall on East Millbrook Road.

Most students that attend Prom do not consider how much time and money it takes to plan the dance.  The Junior Class Council started to plan this year’s prom at the start of the school year, beginning with choosing the theme for the night. Next they had to decide the budget and where the dance would be held, followed by choosing the right DJ and finding the right decorations to set Prom apart from any other Leesville dance.

“Since we spent all year coming up with ideas for decorations and props, it’s nice to see that our hard work paid off,” said Grant Do, junior and class council member.

This Prom’s decorations were quite elaborate with huge dragons, paper lanterns, oriental umbrellas and even Leesville themed fortune cookies with messages such as “We are Leesville. We are Pride.”

The DJ played modern music for the most part; after all you cannot go to a school dance with out hearing the Cha-Cha slide or the Macarena at least once.

“They played pretty good music this year. I was actually a little surprised,” said Brooke Walsh, senior.

A first this year was a coupon for a free Prom picture taken by Prestige Portraits. The pictures included props and a prom picture frame.  Throughout the night, there was a line of prom attendees waiting for their pictures to be taken and, couples swarmed the areas where the printed pictures were, trying to uncover their photos.

“I really like how we got to have our picture taken,” said Bo Burns, senior. “It gave me something to remember the dance by.”

“The only way prom could’ve been better is if I did it again this weekend,” said Bobby Iannuzzelli, senior. “It was the perfect way to kick off the end of my senior year.”


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