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Stellar Kart rocks the music world once again with their new album Everything is Different Now, released at the end of February.

Stellar Kart has changed their sound for this record, but nothing too drastic, mainly the lyrics; the band decided to turn to praise and worship songs rather than the relational ones they have been known for throughout the years.

The title of the album is not only fitting, but a bit ironic as well because the band itself has also been experiencing big changes.

Stellar Kart recently signed with INO Records and also lost long-time guitarist Cody Pellerin, who decided that he needed to be home with his family.  Pellerin has since been replaced by Jon Howard.

This album features ten songs, all of which are new.  “Until My Heart Caves In” and “It’s Not Over” are not originals, however, the band gives them a different Stellar-Kart feel through the recognizable vocals and music that is unique to the band: guitar solos and lyrics that leave a lasting impact on the listener.

Lead singer Adam Agee’s voice can rise or fall according to the music and still manage to sound excellent enough to achieve the desired effect on its audience every time.  When the song needs to be upbeat and happy, the catchy lyrics stick in the listener’s head all day; however, if the song needs to be slow and sad, than the powerful lyrics have the power to move listeners to tears.

Overall, the album is typical for Stellar Kart: pop rock tunes with catchy lyrics.  The only main difference being that the lyrics are serious and not funny like in previous songs.  They are more powerful and put the band on a deeper level in the Christian music world.

Their song, “Everything is Different Now” is one of the songs that dives deeper into serious Christian music.  One of the verses says “I was lost and afraid/ I was praying/ I was hoping/ For an end to the pain/ Oh how my heart was broken/ What a sad sad song/ But that was yesterday.”  While the lines are sad, they also inspire the hope that is built up throughout the song.

With the addition of the popular praise song “You Never Let Go” and the hymn “Spirit in the Sky” infused with Stellar Kart originality, the album shows just how far the band has come: from opening for big bands to having an opening band themselves.  Stellar Kart continues to impress even when their sound changes.

The band’s first four albums (all produced through World Records) consisted of a punk/pop rock sound, lots of guitar solos and catchy, although sometimes completely random, lyrics.  Some of their more random songs included “Procrastinating,” “Student Driver,” “Tree Climber” and “Centerfield.”  All of these songs talk about exactly what their titles imply without any hidden meanings.

The release of Stellar Kart’s new album, the first from INO Records and the first serious-based record from the band, leaves fans happily satisfied with their Stellar Kart fix but eagerly awaiting the next one.

Fans will not be disappointed with this album and fans of Relient K., Run Kid Run, Hawk Nelson and Sanctus Real will also enjoy Stellar Kart’s pop rock style.


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