Winterfest Auditions


Winterfest assembly auditions were held at Leesville on Tuesday, Dec. 15 after school in the Black Box.

Over 40 students auditioned to perform in the Wizard of Oz themed winter fest assembly that will take place on Feb. 12.

Students came to the auditions with various forms of entertainment, varying from vocal duets to “krump” dances to comedy routines.

“The auditions were pretty fun,” said Taylor Whitley, junior and member of the student band “Dillinger.”  The band auditioned for the first time this year.

“We played Guns and Roses, and I think Ms. Jackson (one of the judges) really enjoyed it because she started dancing,” said Whitley.

The auditions attracted many first timers, but many Winterfest assembly alumni also made an appearance.

One of these winterfest veterans was KC Clarke, junior and member of the “Fresh Kidz” krumping group.

“I wasn’t too nervous this year after we made it last year,” said Clarke, “I felt a lot more comfortable around the judges since we’d auditioned with them before.”

Mrs. Tibbets, math teacher and judge, has high hopes for this year’s assembly. “The people that auditioned were very good! The talent this year was very different from last year. There was less singers this year, and lots more dancers and bands,” said Mrs. Tibbets, “It’s going to be a great assembly, and very different from last year’s.”


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