New Cafeteria Laws


Leesville Road High School students began using their student identification numbers in the cafeteria on January 4, 2010 to access their lunch accounts.

The use of students IDs will provide more security for students and parents.

Cafeteria manager Jennifer Buck agrees that the new policy will greatly benefit the school.

“The student ID is starting to be used because Wake County wants us to be what we will be online.  Wake County keeps a database of all the kids in the school.”

Parents will be able to keep track of their child’s activities online.  Using the IDs will allow parents to follow spending histories, account balances and paying options.

“Kids sometimes tell their parents ‘Oh, I didn’t eat lunch today,’” explained Buck.  “Parents can check online on to see if it’s true or not.  They could go right online and see what their kids ate and maybe say ‘no you ate lunch today.’”

However, some students feel that the new policy poses difficulties for them.

Jimmy Hoese says that buying lunch has become more difficult.

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“I think it’s more inconvenient for me.  Now it takes longer to enter my lunch number, and I also have to memorize my student ID number.”

Although the new procedures may disgruntle some students, they will ultimately aid the school as a whole.  Along with helping parents, the use of the longer IDs instead of the traditional four-digit lunch numbers will allow students to feel more secure about their accounts.

“It’s better security.  Kids will have a harder time memorizing a six digit number,” said Buck.


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