Will the Hurricanes Pull it Together?

Courtesy of Virginia Reed
Courtesy of Virginia Reed
Courtesy of Virginia Reed

Hockey fans across the state are appalled at the Canes’ performance this season. On November 11, 2009, the Canes’ suffered their twelfth consecutive loss of the season against the LA Kings at the RBC Center.

Caniacs young and old are floored by the athletes’ performance this season, especially considering the teams’ shining record. In 2006, the Canes were awarded the Stanley Cup by winning 4 games to 3 against the Edmonton Oilers.

The Canes have also been awarded the Prince of Wales trophy twice, and several players have received individual awards such as the King Clancy Memorial Trophy, Conn Smythe Trophy, and the Frank J. Selke Trophy.

The outlook is not quite as brilliant for the Canes’ in this 2009 season.

On Veteran’s Day, the RBC Center was packed with red and black covered Caniacs hoping and praying that the losing streak would be broken that night. To much disappointment, the first period ended with the Kings up 1 to 0.

The second period proved to be an exciting one with the Canes scoring two goals, tying up the game 2-2 by the end of the period.

Fans were on the edge of their seats at the anticipation of the third quarter. Pom-poms were waved and cheers were shouted at deafening decibels as the Canes reentered onto the ice.

The final score: Kings 5, Canes 2

Caniac souls were heavy as the exited the RBC Center after witnessing the Kings score three goals against the Canes in one period.

What makes this season so catastrophic? Is it the absence of goalie Cam Ward? Whatever the problem is, Caniacs are hoping for a quick fix in the hopes of a brighter 2010 season for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Fans are hesitant to rejoice just yet, because despite a lucky win against the Wild, the Canes are still missing two of their star players: Eric Staal and Cam Ward. Can the Canes pull it together and keep up the good work until Staal and Ward return?


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