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Siblings at Leesville
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Morgan and Simon Burke

The common misconception is that younger siblings are annoying, and do nothing but harass and trouble older siblings.

However, according to Simon Burke, freshmen, it is the opposite. “My sister always annoys me. She tries to wave at me in the hall and it embarrasses me.”

Morgan Burke, junior, is the sister he was referring to. Burke was shocked to learn about her brother’s disdain for her.

“I love [Simon]! I always try to be nice to him, even though we argue over music all the time,” said the female Burke.

Siblings at Leesville do not always disagree like the Burkes, however. In fact, Sebastien and Thomas Theunissen raved about how nice it was having family at school.

“It’s great not having to rely on my parents for a ride,” said Thomas, freshman. “I see other freshmen getting rides from their parents, and I’m just glad I’m not one of them.”

Sebastien, junior, did not seem to mind helping Thomas with his reputation either. “He’s my family, and even though I pick on him sometimes, I really appreciate the fact that I’ve got a family at the school with me,” added Sebastien.

Additionally, in a survey of Leesville students with siblings, over half of the students said that they enjoyed having a brother or sister at the same school with them, as it was more convenient and helped them to become closer.

Sadly, not all siblings are able to get along as well as others. Brittany Miles, freshmen, is a perfect example of this.

“My sister acts like she knows everything, you can never win an argument with her, it’s really frustrating,” said Miles.

When asked to state her closing insight on siblings, Miles claimed, “Even though [my sister] and me don’t always get along, it’s nice that she’s got experience at the school to share with me.”

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