Senior Spotlight: Adelia Jackson 

Adelia Jackson sits with her legs crossed with the friends she’s been eating lunch with every day. Adelia uses this time to joke, gossip, and spend time with her close friends. (Photo Courtesy of Nadia Ferjani).

Adelia Jackson, born in Ansan, South Korea is currently a senior at Leesville Road High school. She moved to North Carolina at age four but only spent a few months in Raleigh before moving to Nebraska. 

After moving around during her early life she settled down back in Raleigh at thirteen and started eighth grade at Leesville. Her freshman year was online however due to Covid-19 and didn’t get to experience high school fully until her junior year. However she still used her time productively, her sophomore year she taught English to refugees in Jordan on Zoom. She was apart of Key Club and technical theater as well. 

The summer after Jackson’s sophomore year she studied abroad in Morocco, thanks to Mrs. Ballew for writing her recommendation letter. Jackson spent three weeks there and the trip made her realize what she interested in and passionate about. When she returned she was eager to venture out again. 

Jackson’s junior year was stressful, with AP classes and standardized tests she was counting down the days until the school year ended. During her junior year she spent lunch periods looking for a new place to explore, this is when she found her love for New York. She researched schools in New York that were cheap on her chromebook so she could apply later that year in the fall. 

When she finally got to her senior year she was accepted to New York University with a scholarship! This is what made her realize the value of high school, putting her time at Leesville into perspective. She reflected on everything throughout the year, whether it be the teachers, or the shrubbery outside. She spent time with her friends at lunch and participating in Mock Trial, for example Shahed Abdel-Nasser, another senior.

“I originally met Adelia in middle school, but we reconnected after quarantined. I’ve had multiple touching conversations with her that show just how down to Earth and caring she really is” said Abdel-Nasser.

 The two were officers on the Mock Trial club and competed together in the State rounds. “She is so funny, smart, genuine, and I know she has a bright future ahead of her,” she continued. 

“My friends were the biggest reason why senior year was enjoyable,” said Adelia Jackson.

 “I met Adelia in eight grade, she is one of the most understanding people I’ve ever known. She’s also really funny and overall cool.” said Zarie Harvey, senior. 

Alongside her friends, Jackson’s mom was also a big motivator throughout high school. Jackson witnessed her mom earn her certificate in Radiology from UNC Chapel Hill. 

Now in Jackson’s senior year, she wishes to advise freshmen to “never assume someone’s story, because oftentimes people will be silently struggling… don’t pretend to be nonchalant; it’s okay to care about things.” She also warns to “never start skipping classes because it’s a hard habit to get out of.” 

On her way out Jackson will pursue her future in New York City, continuing her habit of moving around. She says shes interested in law but will enter university as undecided. Jackson enjoys the uncertainty of her future and said, “I’ll always remember my time at Leesville.”


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