Are the lockers a waste of space?

Locker bays can be found in various areas around the school, including upstairs in the main building and in the Murphy building. (Photo courtesy of Zach Barnes)

The locker bays are a space for students to eat lunch, work, or just hang out, but are they practical to still have around?

A poll posted on the LRHS Newspaper Instagram showed that 98% of students do not have a locker at school. Only 2% of the responding students said that they have a locker. 

Considering the data that only 5 students who responded to the poll have a locker, I think that much of the locker space could be repurposed into areas similar to the collaborative space downstairs, and — while likely expensive — the locker bays in the murphy building could probably fit one to two classrooms in the spaces.

According to the Wake County Cost Model Estimate Guide, a major demolition — the category the lockers would fall under — would cost approximately $6.91 per square inch to break down.

Also, costs increase by a certain amount when building in an occupied school. The guide states that there is an increase of “17% on an occupied campus to account for this difference and 14% for a vacated existing campus. For vacated high school campuses (as in during the summer), the factor can be as low as 10%.”

The guide states that a complete overhaul of a large high school’s furniture would cost $2,409,463, however, the guide also states that “Addition & Major Renovation projects will have budgets developed specifically for that project,” and this project would likely be considered as an addition.

“I think since lockers are obsolete these days, they should be replaced for something more productive. I think that a free study area for students to relax, do homework or study would be a much better use for that space,” said Bella Burks, senior.

While the project would be relatively expensive, the school should condense into one locker bay, and make the school a generally more comfortable place to be.


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