Monaco Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc walks through the paddock to the stage where he celebrates his first home crowd victory. Leclerc has broken the Monaco curse. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

Over the weekend, Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc secured his first home course win. Over the past 6 years, Leclerc has had some unfortunate races in Monaco.

The Monaco curse has been broken. Leclerc, in his first and second seasons, did not get the chance to even start his races due to car malfunctions. Then in his third season he started the race but did not finish. 

Finally after 3 brutal years of not starting or finishing, Leclerc finished 4th place on the grid. Then the following year he finished 6th. 

After 5 years of bad luck, the Monaco curse was lifted and leclerc got his first home crowd win. Leclerc is the first monegasque winner since 1931. 

From the beginning of the weekend, leclerc dominated the grid finishing with the fastest time on the grid during qualifying. His fastest lap made him able to start at pole position. 

From the start Leclerc showed his composure by getting off of the line fast. He continued to hit fastest sector times throughout the race. 

The grandstands he saw built as a kid were roaring from him as he raced around the 2.1 mile circuit.

Leclerc continued to hold his composure leading the whole race around his home streets, eventually leading him to the win. 

To celebrate winning the race, Leclerc jumped into the harbor, along with the Scuderia Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur. 


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