Zenshi Sushi Review

A California roll, made with imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber. Publix and Harris Teeter offer $5 rolls on wednesday and friday respectively. (Photo courtesy of Zach Barnes).

Leesville students are always looking for cost effective options for lunch. Luckily, stores like Publix and Harris Teeter offer Zenshi Sushi for $5 per roll.

“I probably get sushi like once every two weeks,” said Diana Higgins, Senior. 

The quality of the sushi that these stores are serving is comparatively good considering the stereotypes around grocery store sushi — which are not exactly positive. The rice is cooked perfectly, and the ingredients in the sushi itself taste fresh.

“[I like] the spicy salmon one, just because I think it’s the best one,” said Higgins.

Some of the rolls offered are California, philadelphia (salmon with cream cheese and avocado), spicy tuna, spicy shrimp, spicy salmon, veggie, and both spicy and crunchy California. There are other rolls available; however, they are not included in the package.

Publix occasionally will only have variations of the california rolls and veggie rolls. “I think they should improve what they have available,” said Higgins.

Higgins said, “I only get it when it’s 5 dollars because it’s not worth 10 dollars on the normal days.”

Sushi from Publix and Harris Teeter is a great option for LRHS students.


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