TikTok Rizz Party

This image is from the original video of the Tiktok Rizz Party. A group of 7th grade boys can be seen dancing and singing along to the song Carnival by Kanye. (Photo courtesy of Inc.)

Most people on social media are up to date with the infamous Tiktok Rizz Party. A video of a group of teenage boys dancing to the recently released Kanye song, Carnival, quickly circled the internet as people began to mock the people in the video.

The video became a meme, and people began picking apart each person in the video, assigning them lore and roles in the “community.”

How it started

After the Tiktok Rizz Party became a trending topic, two members of the party decided to make a video. The video was uploaded on Youtube to an account titled TRP Boys, where Turkish Quandale Dingle (Micheal) and Blue Tie (Sebastian) debrief how the video originated.

The boys explain that the first popular video took place at a Sweet 16 party filled with cameras to document the moment. Micheal and Sebastian stated that they were initially hesitant to make videos, thinking that the idea was cringe and fearing the public humiliation that would come out of the experience.

Once the DJ of the party, named TikTok Tom, suggested that all of the kids film a tiktok to the song Carnival, the first video would originate.

Micheal and Sebastian stated that they were initially hesitant to make videos with the DJ, thinking that the idea was cringe and fearing the public humiliation that would come out of the experience.

The party would continue as more videos were made, including the widely-known clip of Turkish Quandale Dingle dancing to the song Just Wanna Rock by Lil Uzi Vert. 

The debriefing continues as Micheal and Sebastian turn to reacting to popular Tiktoks on the “lore” behind the TRP video, giving their commentary on each video.

After the release of the debriefing video, more videos would eventually be made by some of the  members to go into more detail on the background of the Tiktok Rizz Party and what happened in their lives to lead them to that moment. 

How the trend progressed on Tiktok

When this trend initially started, people only made fun of it on a surface level, calling each person who participated “cringe.”

After the popularization of the term “Tiktok Rizz Party,” fans began to analyze each individual in the trend, assigning nicknames to them such as Red Dress, Blue Tie, Turkish Quandale Dingle, Tomato Boy, and many more. 

The internet did not stop at the nicknames however, people began to ship characters in the video. One of the more notable ships to come out of the situation was Turkish Quandale Dingle and Blue tie. “I’ve never felt such a romantic connection in my entire life … It’s like the best love portrayed in cinematic form,” said Skyler Richards, junior.

Fans of the trend were interviewed on their favorite aspects of the Tiktok Rizz Party; reviews would vary heavily as many people focused on different characters and trends.

“The hierarchy edits are my favorite personally, Blue Tie Guy is clearly the supreme group leader.” said Victoria Taton, senior.

The controversy within the hierarchy is also a theme among fans, making up rumors that characters such as Tomato Boy or Turkish Quandale Dingle could overthrow Blue Tie.

“I feel like Red Dress gets too much hate; she’s iconic. Nobody gets her like I get her,” said Richards.

Richards chose to focus on a character that isn’t talked about as much as others, finding a specific connection towards Red Dress Girl.

Altogether, Tiktok allows people to share similar and different ideas on popular topics, allowing for trends such as the Tiktok Rizz Party to surface.


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