Senior Spirit Week is coming up! 

The class of 2023 celebrated Spirit Week last year, and they wore their college decision T-shirts for Decision Day! (Photo courtesy of Vivina Straniero)

With graduation right around the corner on June 9, Leesville’s student council plans a week dedicated to the seniors to celebrate the end of high school. 

LRHS Senior Spirit Week will be held the week of May 20-24. 

Monday, May 20 is Dress Like Little You day. Students will reminisce on their younger self and dress like little them. 

Tuesday, May 21, students can dress what your future occupation will be for Dress like Future You day. Dress like a nurse, a doctor, an engineer, a sports coach, a teacher, or a business person. Your choice, your future! 

On Wednesday, May 22, it is Anything but a Backpack Day. 

Parameter rules are: 

  • Noting drivable 
  • Nothing rideable
  • No feet off the ground 
  • Must fit beside you in a classroom 
  • No noise 
  • Must be able to independently carry/push/pull through the door and to each class 

If any of these rules are broken, you must drop off your item in the front office and pick it up after school. Be creative and have fun! 

If students have any questions about the rules they can reach out to Ms. Kaur- or Mrs. Ballew-

Thursday, May 23, is Green Out. Students will dress in all green to celebrate their last green out ever! Go all out and make sure you are fully dressed in green! 

On Friday, May 24, Decision Day will be held! Wear your post-high school gear! Dress in college decision t-shirts or attire for your plans after high school! 

It is the last spirit week Seniors will ever participate. Make sure to go all out and have some fun with it! 


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