Prom 2024 – Review

The big Prom 2024 sign at the Leesville Road High School dance as part of the decoration. (Photo courtesy of Elsa Hermann)

The Prom was Saturday, April 27 at the Marriott Hotel in Raleigh, starting at 7 pm. Juniors and seniors who are students at Leesville Road High School were able to attend the dance with a pre-bought ticket. 

Most of the students spend their day in a similar way with all the activities that come with it. From getting ready early in the morning, over to taking pictures and eating at a restaurant until going to the LRHS Prom dance.

Shaelyn Frazer, junior, had a clear plan for the day, spending it with her closest friends.

“I started getting ready at around 12 and then we took pictures at 3.45 and stayed there with friends until 5. Then we went to dinner at Cafe Luna and after that to the dance,” said Frazer.

For most students, Prom is all about meeting friends and spending time with them. 

“Taking pictures was probably my highlight because I got to hang out with all of my friends and see others from school,” said Frazer. 

The actual Prom dance in the evening was still a big event for most students. It is always a good opportunity for the school community to bond and enjoy themselves on the dance floor. 

At the dance, there was a DJ who played multiple songs in the rap genre but also for the slow dancers. Whether with a date or with friends, the DJ had a big offer of different music directions for everyone. “The dance was fun and there was really good food. The music was good,” said Frazer.

For the seniors, the end of high school is getting closer which also means the last prom dance at Leesville Road High School. 

Aja Jolie, senior, went to her junior prom last year and spent her last dance at Leesville Road High School. She had a special day at Prom, which she’s been waiting for, for a long time. 

“I got my hair and makeup done and then I went to go to my photo shoot and then to Prom,” said Jolie. 

Comparing the dances from last year and this year, Jolie said: “Last year at the dance they had way more songs and the food and refreshments were better.” Then she added, “I am really sad that it was my last dance.” 


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