Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Here is what some LRHS students did.

This group of seniors celebrated Decision Day at the beach during Memorial Day weekend! (Photo used by permission of Ixy Mejina)

With summer right around the corner, Memorial Day weekend is when the feeling of summer first appears. 

Computers will soon be shut, school supplies will be put away, homework will be nonexistent, and freedom will begin! 

Students express that when Memorial Day weekend hit, they knew that summer is almost here. 

Memorial Day is a federal holiday celebrated to honor and mourn the military personnel who died while fighting for the United States. 

Memorial Day weekend took place May 24 to May 27th this year. Most people go to the pool, beach, or lake and spend time with loved ones, family, and friends. 

Let’s take a look at what students did for their long weekend! 

“My family and I flew to San Diego to visit my sister and hung out on the beach as well as just walking around the city. We ate at a bunch of cool places and visited a bunch of cool places,” said Brady Spinak, senior. 

The majority of students spent time out in the sun and water. The beautiful weather made the lake and the beach very enjoyable for many students. 

“Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to my lake house on Hyco Lake with my friends Katie and Jordan. We went on the boat and went tubing and wake surfing. The warm weather made me super excited for summer,” said Payton Haag, senior. 

“This Memorial Day weekend I went to Topsail Island with a big group of friends. We left Thursday after the dance concert and were there till Monday. We went to the beach every day and spent time at the house at night. It was a great preview to summer where there will hopefully be many more beach trips,¨ said Ixy Mejina. 

While everyone’s Memorial Day experience varies, this is a great break from school and an exciting preview for summer! 


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