Leesville’s favorite travel destinations

Travel season is almost here and students are making plans for their big summer break. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

The end of the school year means the beginning of summer and the big summer break for LRHS students. A lot of people enjoy a break from their daily lives and school and spend their summers traveling. Whether it is enjoying the sun at the beach or exploring a new place, there is a lot out there to see. 

Traveling as a student can be harder than one would think since there might be a certain budget or not enough time to do so. Students who are minors are also tied to their parent’s or guardian’s schedule and their preferences. It is not always easy to cover the interests of every family member. 

Summer break offers a big period of time to take a vacation or to discover a new place. Whether it is relaxing or being active, traveling is always a brain and mental break from school and an opportunity to learn more about the world. 

Abby Coughlin, sophomore, loves traveling and seeing new places in the summer. She has family members in California who she regularly visits. “My favorite travel destination is Southern California because a lot of my family lives there. It’s so warm and sunny and beautiful and I love In-N-Out Burger,” said Coughlin. 

Trying new or different food is a motivation for a lot of people to travel to places. It is a new experience for the tourists and a big part of the place’s culture that the traveler gets to learn about firsthand.

Coughlin, who has always wanted to go to Italy, connects the country with its good food such as pasta. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy because I love pasta and really want to eat the pasta there, it looks delicious,” said Coughlin.  

The food is not the only reason Coughlin wants to travel to another country. She thinks about the whole experience when traveling which also involves the airplane ride. “I actually love going on airplanes, it feels so cool. Even though it is kind of stressful it’s a new experience every time and so fun,” said Coughlin. 

Although Coughlin enjoys traveling in the summer she still prefers to avoid the big crowds of tourists. Coughlin said: “[The best time to travel is] probably in April/May or August/September/October because it is not peak tourism but still warm and beautiful.”

Just like Coughlin, Abby Gregory, junior, loves traveling for similar reasons. She doesn’t only enjoy visiting her family but is also interested in learning more about her culture. “I’ve been to South Korea and that was my favorite place to go. I have family there and it is good to see them and to also experience my culture in a different place than here,” said Gregory. 

Europe seems to be on the travel list for many students when thinking about places they want to see. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy or Greece because the little towns seem so cute and it seems like something to explore rather than just the beach because we have beaches here,” said Gregory; talking about her wish to experience and discover new things when traveling. 

When going to a different place whether inside the country or even abroad, there is a lot to see and learn about a new place and culture. However, it is not always just about that but much more about the experience and connections you can make with people that you meet. Especially solo-travelers tend to meet a lot of new people who are either other tourists or natives.  

Gregory, who is excited for summer to start, said: “Summer is probably the best time to travel when school’s off even though it is peak tourist time.

Grace Stauffeneker, sophomore, has family in New Hampshire which is also a reason for her to travel. “I love going to New Hampshire because I have a lot of family up there and it is just fun,” said Stauffeneker. 

When talking about the places Stauffeneker has always wanted to visit, she added: “I’ve always wanted to go to Paris because it is beautiful.” Also for Stauffeneker a trip to Europe sounds tempting and is on top of her travel wishlist. 

With all the advantages and disadvantages that come along with traveling, every student experiencing trips to a different place, has always created new memories to remember. Each trip has something special and can be good for a simple change of scenery apart from people’s daily lives.  



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