Is Lululemon still popular?

Lululemon at Crabtree Mall used to be just a pop-up shop on the first floor, but as of last year, Lululemon has a permanent storefront on the second floor of the mall. The new store is much sleeker and more enticing than the old pop-up was. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

Over the past couple of years, the athleisure brand, Lululemon, has exploded in popularity. Despite changing trends, audiences, and styles, Lululemon has maintained its position as a known clothing brand.

This being said, I challenge whether or not Lulu is still popular based solely on the fact that there have been other athleisure brands that I’ve recently seen rise exponentially in popularity. 

I see girls wearing brands such as Halara and Aerie (not as recent), just as much, if not more than I see girls wearing Lululemon. 

For this reason, I question whether or not Lulu is still at the same level of popularity it was in 2019.

Regardless, in my opinion, a popular clothing brand is a brand that is commonly seen in everyday life and worn by everyday people; therefore, Lululemon is still a very popular clothing brand.

Based on a poll posted on the LRHS Mycenaean Instagram page, Leesville students would agree. 65% of LRHS students who participated in the poll believe that Lululemon is still popular/relevant.

Katie Carrigan, junior, said, “I definitely still think [Lululemon] is still popular… I feel like I still see so many people wearing their leggings or like, their viral “BBL” jacket.”

Social media and word of mouth are huge modes of advertising for Lululemon that help keep the brand relevant. This being said, there are still students who don’t believe Lulu is as popular as it used to be.

“I mean [Lululemon] is still popular, but I feel like I see a lot of girls wearing Athleta and other brands, too… [Lulu] used to be the only popular brand that produced the products that it does, and now there’s so many other brands that produce the same things and are way cheaper,” said Dylan Bancroft, junior.

The price of Lululemon may be a huge reason for their slight decline in popularity. Other brands, such as Aerie or Halara, produce extremely similar products to Lululemon for a much cheaper price.

Regardless of your personal opinion on Lululemon or the style of clothing it produces, it’s impossible to say that Lululemon has truly fallen out of style.


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