My Thoughts on Baby Reindeer

This image features Richard Gadd and Martha. While Gadd did not appreciate Martha’s presence, she felt the opposite. (Photo used with permission of the of

Baby Reindeer is a Netflix series based on a true story.

If you haven’t watched this interesting series, then here’s a quick overview.

This series stars Richard Gadd, who plays a fictionalized version of himself whose name is Donny Dunn, a wanna-be comedian and current bartender. 

Without watching the show, you would think Richard Gadd was an innocent victim of a dangerous stalker. Little do you know Gadd was entertaining a mentally-ill woman and says it was due to his “past trauma”.  

The recurring theme of validation from others is portrayed multiple 

In the show, Donny is stalked by this woman Martha who has a history of stalking. Martha soon appears in every aspect of his life. Once she starts to threaten his family, he seeks serious help from the police, and she faces jail time.

This show was very entertaining. There are many different plot twists throughout the story that will keep you engaged. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t like boring shows this is perfect for you. This show immediately gets to the point by introducing the main character early on.

The plot develops by showing Martha’s strange behavior over a period of six months. You may be wondering why it took him six months to call the police, and I was thinking the same thing which is why I didn’t enjoy his character very much in the beginning.

Throughout the show, after every message, email, or voicemail left by Martha ends with “Sent by iPhone,” which is strange because while Martha claimed to be a well distinguished lawyer, somehow she could not afford to buy a coke from the pub where Gadd had worked.

Figuring out the truth behind Gadd’s behavior will further engage you in the series. The show goes through the past couple years of his life and how the situation with Martha came about.

While the last episode in my opinion has a very boring ending, I recommend this show to anyone who likes to keep up with current social media trends. 

All of the names in the show were changed to keep the identity of “Martha” private.

The real woman whose name is Fiona Harvey has come out about the situation and has made many statements. Fiona Harvey states “It’s a work of fiction, it’s a work of hyperbole, and erm there are two true facts in that. That is his name is Richard Gadd and he works as a jobbing barman on Benefits in the Holy Arms.”

These interviews have kept me interested in this Netflix series. If you want to take a look at a quick watch with a real-life storyline check out Baby Reindeer.


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