Jews on Campus at Columbia

Columbia Students have started encampments on the lawns on Columbia’s campus. In response Columbia has started to suspend students after 10 days of not allowing Jewish students on the lawn or in certain areas on campus.(Photo Used by permission of public domain)

While many people have been getting news from Instagram and Tiktok, they have not been seeing the full picture of what is happening at Columbia,Ivy league universities and other universities and colleges around the country. 

Since October 7, there has been a 214% increase in anti-Jewish hate crimes in comparison to the same eight month period last year. Now the rampant anti semitism has gotten to a new point at Columbia University. At Columbia, Hamas sympathizers have taken over giving out death threats to Jewish students and generally making Columbia a dangerous environment for Jewish students.

While nothing major has changed in Israel, the many Hamas sympathizers learned that they could become more and more violent with little push back from Mayor Eric Adams at the beginning, with the NYPD getting more involved in the later weeks of the encampments.

“A student told me that they have a WhatsApp group where Jewish students escort other Jewish students when things are too scary because the university won’t protect them,” said Shai Davidai, a Professor at Columbia Business School. 

Many students at Columbia are worried that if they go to school they will never be able to come back and go to school in a safe environment again. 

“In 1940, my grandmother stopped going to school, she was living in Belgium at the time and she had to stop going to school. After she stopped going she never went back. She lost all of her family and had to rebuild her life after the war, and I never want to be in a position where I can’t go to school because of terrorists and anti-jewish protests,” said anonymously via Shai Davidai’s instagram.  

“I think we should stop considering Columbia as a moral entity because it’s like a corporation. They don’t want to lose money. They just run as a company, work as a company, it is a company.  We have to stop thinking about it as a moral entity who wants to do things the moral way,” said anonymously via Shai Davidai’s instagram.  

“Yes, in the core curriculum that all the graduates have to go through, they have texts about everything that happened in history. Every genocide, every massacre. Every problem in history they have a text for. Everything; Not a single mention of the holocaust, not a single text about the holocaust,” said anonymously via Shai Davidai’s instagram.  

This is not the first time that Jews have seen themselves in danger on college and university campuses. Jews have also seen threats in Nazi Germany where they ended up being kicked off school grounds from elementary to the phd level, and they were never allowed to come back on until the end of the war. 


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