BBL Drizzy

A picture of Metro Boomin’s tweet releasing the beat BBL Drizzy. This was the start of the diss track trend and #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway. (Photo Courtesy of Know Your Meme)

To understand the significance of the song “BBL Drizzy” by Metro, it’s important to understand the history between the top rappers of today.

Controversy first erupted between Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar on October 31st, 2023 when Drake and J. Cole released a collaboration track titled First Person Shooter. In the song, Drake references Lamar, and J. Cole, saying  “we the big 3”. Lamar then responds to this claim months later during a featured moment on Future’s song, Like That, claiming that there was no big three, but instead that he was clearly superior than the two.

In a YouTube video released on April 13, 2024, Drake targets Metro in a song titled Drop & Gimme 50, telling him to “make some drums”, implying that Metro’s talents lie within production and not rapping. 

Since the initial dispute, both Drake and Lamar have been releasing songs back and forth dissing each other. However, when Lamar released the single Meet the Grahams, Metro Boomin’ quickly jumped on the bandwagon of dissing Drake. For more information on the Drake and Kendrick drama, read Drake & Kendrick: What’s the Beef? by Chris Pharr.

Metro initially started with tweeting at Drake, reiterating the sexual assault claims made in Meet The Grahams and addressing Drake’s claim in the song Drop & Gimme 50, saying “the drum thing was laughable so I let it slide,” in a tweet on May 5, 2024.

Metro goes on to tweet at Drake about previous allegations connected to the song Like That, where a screen captured email can be seen, showing Drake’s attempt to restrict the song from airing since it was a jab at both him and J. Cole. This string of tweets continues as Metro releases a clip of a free beat titled BBL Drizzy with the hashtag #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway.

Fans immediately lost their minds over the release, as it was directly targeted at Drake and the lingering rumor about him getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. The nickname BBL Drizzy was coined by Rick Ross on April 14, 2024 when he insulted Drake over his Instagram story.

The track would become extremely popular, with people across the world writing their own lyrics over the beat to diss Drake, one of the most popular worldwide versions being produced in Japan by an artist under the name OVO Japan. 

“I think it’s funny that the trend is so global”. Said Ava Kapuscinkski, senior.

Though Drake typically responds to artists publicly when getting dissed, he hasn’t responded in the slightest, causing people to give credit towards Metro for putting him in his place.

Since the release of BBL Drizzy, fans of Drake began looking through past tweets released by Metro, finding tweets that involved sexual abuse and other controversial topics that Metro had previously been jabbing at. Some tweets including statements such as “She might be young but she ready” and “I’m tryna tell #oomf that “age ain’t nothing but a number’ lol”. 

The hashtag #metrogroomin began to trend as more tweets got released. “When the tweets came out about Metro I couldn’t believe it, he’s a hypocrite.” said Victoria Taton, senior. 

Although this squabble against Metro continues to become a key contributor in the argument, he has yet to comment on it himself. Instead, Metro continues to post his usual content including the status of the Missouri Wolves and music promotions while his comments flood with jokes about the allegations made against him. 

Since the release of BBL Drizzy, however, Drake has not stayed silent. On a post Metro made on X during the controversy, Drake replied by commenting “You just cheffed a beat about my a**?”. Metro has yet to reply to this comment.

New artists are gaining a footing by releasing their own bars on the beat by Metro Boomin’, and Metro continues to profit off of the Drake and Kendrick drama.


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