Leesville Road High School Excels at 4A East Regional Meet

The Leesville Road High School track team did a great job showcasing their talents at the 4A East Regional meet. While the men brought home runner ups and the women brought home ninth, the team fought extremely hard to do their best. (Photo courtesy of Banks Blizzard) 

Leesville Road High School’s track and field team showcased their talent and determination at the highly competitive 4A East Regional Meet, delivering impressive performances across various events. With standout performances from both the boys and girls teams, Leesville Road proved themselves as fierce competitors in the regional meet.

The girls team demonstrated their strength and resilience, earning a respectable ninth-place finish with a total of 32 points. In the very competitive 4x800m relay, the team exhibited exceptional teamwork and endurance, securing third place and contributing 6 points to their overall tally. Ruth Metaferia’s impressive fourth-place finish in the 1600m race and Halle Gibson’s solid performance in the shot put, also securing fourth place, added valuable points to the team’s total.

Individual contributions further boosted the girls team’s performance. Finley’s fifth-place finish in the high jump event and Rania Michael’s eighth-place finish in the discus event contributed crucial points to the team’s overall score. Despite facing tough competition, the girls team’s determination and dedication were evident in their performances, setting a strong foundation for future success.

On the boys side, Leesville Road High School emerged as runners-up in the regional meet, showcasing their prowess and skill across various events. The boys team delivered standout performances in the relays, securing second place in the 4x800m and third place in the 4x200m, earning crucial points for the team’s overall standing.

Chase Harrisons impressive finishes in both the 400m and 200m events, earning second and fourth place, respectively, highlighted his exceptional talent and contribution to the team’s success.

Andre Micheals fourth-place finish in the grueling 3200m race and Allex’s solid performance in the discus event further solidified the boys’ team’s standing in the competition. 

Dillon Kaulback’s remarkable first-place finish in the pole vault event showcased his skill and determination, adding valuable points to the team’s total.

Despite facing very competitive schools, both the boys and girls teams from Leesville Road High School demonstrated their dedication, talent, and commitment at the 4A East Regional Meet. With their impressive performances, they not only showcased their abilities but also set the stage for future success in track and field. 


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