Sodabox review

Drawn to Sodabox’s inviting environment, customers are rushing to try their variety of delicious drinks. Their unique beverages are putting Sodabox on the map. (Photo courtesy of Kaylee O’Brien)

Sodabox is a family-owned business that specializes in custom sodas. 

Customers can either order directly from Sodabox’s menu or they can customize any drink by choosing a base liquid and adding syrups, purees, or fruits of their choice. 

They sell refreshers, energy drinks, kids drinks, and of course; sodas. 

Sodabox started in a shipping container, but they now have four store locations in Apex, Raleigh, Garner, and Rolesville. 

I have had several people tell me that I needed to try Sodabox, so I decided to drive out to the Apex location with my friend to see if it was really worth the hype.

Cadhla O’Dwyer, sophomore, said, “Sodabox is good. The line was short and there were so many options.” 

The drive to Sodabox from my house wasn’t a short trip considering I had to drive approximately 30 minutes. 

When I arrived at the Apex location, I immediately loved the vibe and the decor on the inside of the store. It had a very modern feel to it. 

The man who was working at the front desk was both helpful and enthusiastic when he was explaining Sodabox’s concept and menu. 

I decided to order the Razzmatazz which is a Coke-based drink with vanilla, raspberry puree, and cream. 

Meanwhile, my friend ordered Pretty & Pink which is a Sprite-based drink with cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and passion fruit. 

The price of my drink was very reasonable. I got a large and added a tip for only $4.69. 

The Razzmatazz drink itself was not my favorite. I didn’t like the thick consistency or the strong raspberry puree flavoring.

On the other hand, the Pretty & Pink drink was delicious. It reminded me of a shirley temple with its fruity flavor and sprite base. 

I wish that Sodabox was closer, but I will definitely go back, so I can try out more of the drinks and maybe make a custom one.

If you haven’t yet tried Sodabox, I would definitely recommend it. 

The concept is very unique, the workers were kind, and the store had a good vibe. Sodabox is definitely a North Carolina hidden gem.


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