Meet the 2024 LRHS stunt team

Stunt team sophomores on media day. From left to right; Breland Griffith, Maddie Ortosky, Joy Dehner, Josie Slifer, Jules Gibson, and Vera Arnold. (Photo permission by Edgar Huff)

The spring sports season is in full swing here at Leesville. Just because football and basketball season is over doesn’t mean the Leesville cheerleaders get a rest. Many of them try out for the Stunt Team where they have their chance in the spotlight.

Coach Summers trains the powerful group of thirty girls with the help of Kaylyn McCann, Taylor Venters, Bella Volkringer, and Payton Haag, captains. 

The team learns six different routines for each of the three sections — jumps and tumbling, partner stunts, and pyramids.

At their matches, each team takes turns calling routines and performing them to the best of their ability. Then the judges award points to whichever team performs the routine the best. The team with the most points after the 3rd section wins. 

Many team members first discovered stunt through the LRHS cheer program as a way to continue their cheer training during their off-season. It was also a way for them to compete in one-on-one competitions showcasing their skills. 

Taylor Venters, senior, has been on the Stunt team since her sophomore year. She said, “Cheer is more for supporting other athletes and stunt gives us the opportunity to perform our own skills and be our own team, and we are the ones competing for points and we aren’t just supporting other teams.”

Venters also explained the team is very goal-oriented and stunt helps bring them together. 

Ashley Stanziale, sophomore and JV cheer captain, is a new member of the Stunt team this year; she said, “The team has been really welcoming, and it’s been fun to continue working with girls from JV cheer and getting to work with upperclassmen from varsity [cheer].”

The team had their first scrimmage on Wednesday, March 7, and did very well. Their next match is Thursday, March 14 against Sanderson. 

Be sure to show support for the LRHS stunt team by showing up to matches and cheering them on! To stay updated on the stunt team’s match schedule, see the Leesville website calendar.


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