Student spotlight: Blake Annison

Pictured, Blake Annison, playing in a varsity lacrosse game. Annison shares his athletic abilities and artistic talents with the Leesville community. (Photo used with permission of Blake Annison)

Blake Annison is a sophomore who is heavily involved in the Leesville Road High School community.

Annison occupies his time playing for Leesville’s varsity lacrosse team and 3 Point, which is a travel lacrosse team.  

Annison appreciates that he can use his athletic ability in a fast-paced and challenging sport. 

Annison is viewed highly by his fellow teammates on and off the field. 

Ben Caulfield, junior, via direct message, said, “Blake is a smart and kind student-athlete who is never afraid to help out,”

Caulfield continued, “He is a…concise player who maintains control of the field” while describing Annison’s athletic abilities. 

Annison is an avid photographer, on top of being a talented lacrosse player.

He began his career as a photographer during Covid. “I kinda just picked up my dad’s old camera,” said Annison, sophomore. 

As of now, he has captured pictures of several Leesville sports teams. Some of these teams include soccer, baseball, basketball, and football.

Annison doesn’t only capture high school sports — he is a part of Duke University’s Athletic Department.

In August, Annison discovered a job opening for the Duke Blue Devil Network and decided to apply. He landed the job and has worked ever since as a creative video intern.

Considering he has been a Duke fan his whole life, Annison said,“[That] to be involved in the behind-the-scenes is definitely cool.” 

He enjoys many aspects of taking photos for Leesville and Duke’s Athletic Department. “It’s a good job to have in high school…it’s not boring,” said Annison.

Overall, Annison occupies most of his time playing lacrosse and taking photos to help make a bigger impact on the Leesville Road High School community.


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