Senior Assassin at Leesville

Senior assassin is a tradition that seniors at Leesville partake in towards the end of the school year. It is a non-school affiliated game that involves water guns. (Photo Courtesy of Maddie Morita).

Monday April 1, 2024, the highly anticipated game, “Senior Assassin” sparked a wave of eagerness among seniors. The game is a great experience for the graduating class, adding an extra feeling of excitement to their final months of high school. 

Senior Assassin is a game played between seniors in which players are assigned a target and work towards eliminating them by splashing them with a water gun. If players are sprayed by their assassin, they are out of the game. 

The game is not allowed to be played on school grounds/campus. 

In order to participate in the game, seniors who wanted to be involved had to pay 5 dollars to either of the coordinators. This year’s Senior Assassin coordinators are Maddie Morita and Gabi Batista. 

Morita enjoys being a coordinator for the game: “I love the job because Gabi and I have a fun time organizing and facilitating a game for seniors getting closer to the end of highschool but it can also be stressful continuously updating the sheets and instagram posts along with making sure were fair to everyone and adjusting rules as needed,” said Morita. 

The coordinator’s job consists of receiving calls and texts constantly with updates of students who got out. They collect photos and videos from players as proof of the players who are eliminated from the game. 

They upload the information to the Senior Assassin instagram, @lrhsassassin. They also partake in adjusting rules as it may be needed to make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. 

Every Sunday night, coordinators text each student the name of another player as it is their assigned target. The goal is to get your target out by the end of the week by squirting them with a water gun or water balloon. If students successfully eliminate their target, without being eliminated themselves, they advance to the next week and get a new target. 

Players have till Saturday at 11:59 pm to get their target out before a new week starts. Students are out if they fail to eliminate their target by the end of the week. 

Since Senior Assassin is a game, rules are involved that players must follow or they will be kicked out. Important restrictions include no eliminations on school property, at a targets’ workplace/practice, or any place of worship.

 Drive- by shots will not be counted as it is unsafe for students and drivers. Lastly, if there is no proof of your kill then it will not be counted. 

More rules and information can be found on the LRHS Senior Assassin rule page.

So far, seniors are enjoying their time participating in the game. It is an exhilarating game that involves creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Students put a lot of time and effort into the game. 

Students often get their target out before school, during lunch, or on their way home from school or sports affiliated events. 

Adam Saib, senior, is having trouble getting his target — “I sat outside her house for an hour and a half in order to get my target. Her family came out to protect her from getting eliminated. They are like the secret service and it’s going to be hard to get her,” said Saib. 

The game is a great thrill for seniors and there are only a few days left for players to get their targets out before it’s too late. Updates can be found @lrhsassasian instagram.


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